At Circuitos Impresos 2CI we offer solutions of all kinds for your PCBs, from urgent prototypes to economic series of more volume.

If you need an urgent PCB, prototype or series, please choose the term you need. From 4 hours, 1 day, 2 days, 3 days and up to 11 business days. All urgent printed circuits have the commitment to the delivery time that characterizes 2CI.

If you need an inexpensive printed circuit, we can manufacture them in the 2CI plant or in Asia with a non-urgent delivery time.

Choose any finish, however what is produced in 2CI will have a surface finish in:

– Electrolytic nickel-gold, also called gold-finished printed circuits, Flash-gold, Flash gold, electrolytic gold, hard gold, electrolytic nickel gold or electrolytic Ni-Au.

Other finishes:

  • ENIG, also known as chemical gold, chemical nickel gold, electroless nickel gold or chemical Ni-Au.
  • HAL LF, also called HAL lead free, HASL LF, HASL lead free or selective lead free tin.
  • Chemical tin. Other names are Chemical Sn, Immersion Sn, Immersion tin, ISN, or IMMSN.
  • Chemical Silver, also known as Immersion Ag, Immersion Silver, AIG, or IMAG.
  • OSP or Organic Solderability Preservative, organic passivated, organic protector.

We offer you 1-sided, 2-sided (PTH) printed circuits or HDI multilayer printed circuits
(4 layers, 6 layers, etc). You can have your urgent multilayer printed circuits. We manufacture 4-layer printed circuits even in 2 days. For multilayer PCBs with 6 layers or more, ask us about the urgent deadlines that we can offer.

The standard material is FR4. Request other materials such as FR4 high CTI, FR4 high Tg, FR4 Halogen Free (FR4 halogen free), high frequency (Rogers or others), aluminum printed circuits, IMS printed circuits and high dissipation aluminum printed circuits. All in different thicknesses of material and also of final copper.

For urgent printed circuits we have a solution to deposit the SMD solder paste on the circuits and be faster in your electronic assemblies. You will receive an SMD sheet along with your circuits, upon request, which together with our reusable SMD Xpress Base, facilitates the assembly of the components quickly and easily.

All of our printed circuits are lead free or Sn free and comply with the RoHS Directive 2002/95 / CE and 2011/65 / EU that prohibit the use of certain substances in the manufacture of electrical and electronic items.

2CI is UL certified, which is the guarantee that the raw material meets the specific UL94 flammability level.