Offering the highest quality product possible is a top priority for 2CI. The 2CI team of professionals is very aware of the importance of quality in such a high-tech product with very short delivery times.

Ongoing training of the whole team and product traceability allow us to constantly improve our processes, decreasing rejection to its lowest limits and us to meet our delivery commitment. We can provide a quality certificate with full traceability of the model manufactured.

UL Standards

We are certified to UL Standards (Underwriters Laboratories) and can include UL marking on your circuit boards. UL certification is recognised worldwide and certifies that the products meet strict safety standards.

RoHS Directives

We comply with RoHS 2002/95/CE and 2011/65/UE Certification (Directives on the restriction of hazardous substances) in electric and electronic equipment. Your circuit boards can include RoHS markings.

Our circuit boards are manufactured according to criteria established in IPC 600 and 4101 Standards, among others.

100% of our circuit boards are tested electrically in accordance with the electric continuity parameters 200mA/20Ohm and insulation parameters 100V/30MOhm.

The most complex and multilayer printed circuit boards must also pass automatic optical inspection (AOI), ensuring that what we manufacture is exactly what the customer requested and that it works perfectly.

All of this allows us to offer customers the highest quality product possible, manufactured with strict controls at each step of the process and always delivered on time.