Circuitos Impresos 2CI, SL was founded in 1985 when an engineer detected the need to have prototypes quickly. All of the suppliers at the time quoted delivery times that were way too long and he ended up making them himself.

So he decided to create his own printed circuit board factory to address this need in a professional, efficient manner. Since then, ongoing investment in cutting-edge machinery, staff training and collaboration with top suppliers allow us to offer customers the highest quality product possible.

1985 - Prototypes in 72 hours

With 6 employees on staff, we started out at Can Batlló in Barcelona. We made prototypes in 3 days.


1988 – Prototypes and series in 48 hours

With 20 employees, we moved to the 22@district in Barcelona. This allowed us to manufacture both prototypes and series in 2 days.

1994 – Delivery commitment

We positioned ourselves as the most committed manufacturer in terms of meeting delivery times. The 2CI team of professionals is very aware of the importance of quality in such a high-tech product with very short delivery times. Quality is safety.

1996 – Electrolytic nickel gold

100% of our production is finished with electrolytic nickel gold. It can be stored longer than other finishes, has a greater surface conductivity and is extremely flat, which makes it easier to solder the SMD.

2004 – Prototypes and series in 6 hours

We moved to Polígono Industrial La Ferrería de Barcelona.  With a 2.500m² warehouse and our own purifier in our manufacturing plant. More than 50 employees and the best machinery allow us to create prototypes and series in just 6 hours.  This makes our delivery time unbeatable.

2012 – Multilayers in 2 days

We purchased a new machine and instituted new processes in order to allow us to continue producing circuit boards in the shortest time possible. By manufacturing multilayer boards in 2 days, we provide solutions for the most demanding customers. Here at 2CI, we innovate for you.

2014- Online quotation

Easy to obtain instant quotation from our mobile friendly web page.

2016- Prototypes without fees

Thanks to our new investment in technology, customers can benefit from most economical prototypes without fees, at a record breaking lead time. Unbeatable!

2017- SM Premium finish for PCB´s (matte electrolytic nickel- gold)

There are many advantages, including better mask adherence, more reliable solders with more contact surface, better wettability with more capillarity, reduced mirror effect, making it easier to work with AOI and Pick&Place systems and reducing visual fatigue.

2018- Xpress SMD Base for your most urgent assemblies

We have a solution that lets you put solder paste on the SMD of your circuits and speed up your electronic assembly process.

You’ll get an SMD stencil with your circuits, that with our Xpress SMD base will allow you to assemble your boards quickly.

The Xpress SMD base can be reused and centers stencil with the PCB by itself.

2019: We become the only manufacturer capable of producing PCBs in 4 hours.

Our offer expands to 8 layer PCBs.

2020: As an essential company, we put our productive means at the disposal of fighting COVID.

In order to deposit the paste in the SMD of both sides of your PCBs we create the SMD Xpress Base, and we send the stencils along with the prototypes to build them rapidly.
Ask for it!

2021: We invest in more precise machinery that allows us to produce more complex PCBs.

We create new PromoXpress whose price can be obtained in our homepage as fast as 7 seconds have gone by.

We are currently acquiring new machinery in order to offer customers the latest technology in printed circuit boards. And we continue to innovate.