The same circuit board repeated  in the panel.


Different circuit boards (repeated or not) in the panel.

Mechanical processing

SCORINGDistance between circuit boards = 0.

Extra rigid.

Only for edges that are straight all the way across the panel.

Recommended use of V-cut depaneling machine.

MILLINGCan be used with any sort of circuit board.

Precision cut.

Distance between circuit boards = ≥1.60 mm.

Undesired burrs may be left after depaneling.

COMBOAvailable for very small circuit boards.

Available for edges without burrs or marks.

Requires greater separation between circuit boards, scoring axis minimum 5 mm between circuit boards.

Type of Frames

Depending on the mechanical process chosen, we recommend different types of frames.

For scoring we recommend no frame or on 2 sides and for milling we recommend 4 sides to make the panel more rigid.

Sin Marcos/no frame
2 cortos/short sides
2 largos/long sides
4 lados/sides