We offer a wide range of circuit boards covering the main applications. Compatibility among variables that can be requested is found on our quote and order forms and, if you would like, you can discuss them with our team of professionals.

circuitos-impresosWe manufacture 1, 2 layers and multilayer printed circuit boards.
This section describes the different materials available for multilayer circuit boards and the basic guidelines governing stacking possibilities.

We offer a wide range of substrates, including FR4, high CTI FR4, high Tg FR4, high-frequency (Rogers, etc.) Halogen-Free FR4, AluGold (electrolytic gold finish aluminium), high thermal conductibity aluminium and more. See technical files on materials. According to the materials, thickness can be 0.25, 0.35, 0.50, 0.80, 1, 1.2, 1.55, 2, 2.4 or 3.2 mm.

We use Flash-Gold (matte electrolytic nickel gold) for all our metal finishes. We offer ENIG, HASL Free, ImmSn and OSP, all with different final copper thickness, such as 35, 55, 70 and 110 μ. We can also do sleeves without a metal finish

We offer solder mask colours that adapt to the customer’s needs, including green, white, black, blue, red and light grey. On top of the solder mask, we can add a peelable mask or carbon ink.

For other special products, just ask.

mateAt 2CI, we’ve implemented SM Premium®,, the latest technology for the best surface finish for your printed circuit boards.

The new matte finish, which is still electrolytic nickel gold, will make the following phases of handling easier.

There are many technical and environmental advantages, the most noteworthy of which are:
1. Improves adherence of solder mask tenfold, according to IPC.
2. More reliable solders, eliminating fragile solders with increased surface contact.
3. The new matte finish improves wettability by creating a situation that promotes capillarity.
4. Eliminating the mirror effect reduces visual fatigue and makes it easier to work with AOI and Pick&Place systems.
5. As it is a self-levelling deposition, we get a surface that is completely flat and ensures intimate contact between the surface and the components.
6. It doesn’t rust when you handle it, as it isn’t chemical gold.
7. Completely compatible with 2CI Xpress assembly.
8. SM Premium®, has a long lifespan thanks to the electrolytic nickel gold.

Circuitos Impresos 2CI, always leading the latest-generation technology.