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6 units from 114€

Prototype of 6 units, the 6 units are delivered in 98.2% of the cases.

4 units minimum guaranteed.

Electrolytic gold finish. With gold on the entire metallic surface of the circuit.

50% discount on expenses when ordering the series.

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2CI SMD tool

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¡Record time!

Prototypes in 4 hours

¡Online prices!

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Assembly of prototypes

Order the SMD Xpress Base assembly tool together with the sheet for your prototype for only €179.
You can assemble the prototype yourself in a very simple way.
It serves for the 2 sides of the SMD asking for 2 sheets, one per side, and it is reusable for all your prototypes of 1.6mm thickness.

watch video below


SMD Assembly for Printed Circuits.

Our products

Wide variety of circuits covering the main applications.

1, 2-sided and multilayer printed circuits

We have different materials for the elaboration of multilayer circuits and the basic rules that govern the stacking possibilities.

Wide variety of substrates

FR4, FR4 high CTI, FR4 high Tg, high frequency (Rogers,…), FR4 Halogen Free, AluGold (aluminum electrolytic gold finish), high dissipation aluminum and others. Consult technical sheets of materials.

Flash Gold metallic finish

We can offer ENIG, HASL Free, ImmSn and OSP, all of them with the possibility of different final copper thicknesses such as 35, 55, 70 and 110μ. We can also make covers without metallic finish.

Online budgets instantly

Register as a client and get immediate quotes.

Top quality printed circuits

Our circuits are manufactured under the acceptability criteria of the IPC 600 and 4101 Standards, among others.
100% of the circuits are tested electrically under the electrical parameters of continuity of 200mA/20Ohm and insulation 100V/30MOhm.
The most complex and multilayer printed circuits also pass an automatic optical inspection (AOI), guaranteeing at all times that what we manufacture is exactly what has been requested and that it works optimally.


No expiring date – 24K Printed Circuit Boards

100% of the PCB’s manufactured at 2CI are electrolytic 24 karat nickel-gold (Flash Gold). Our gold finish keeps PCB unaltered at your warehouse with no expiring date. At the time to solder, your boards will be in perfect condition. Try them! Gold is the most resistant finish because it will not tarnish or rust, being the best electrical conductive metal [...]

Prototypes without fees

Don’t pay more prototype FEES, 2CI has eliminated them. Take advantage! We have created an automatic system for direct delivery of prototype documents for production, eliminating preparation fees. All thanks to our investment in technology, which has allowed us to incorporate new systems. At 2CI, we always make sure our offering adapts to the needs of a changing market, ensuring [...]

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