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1, 2-sided and multilayer

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Xpress SMD base for your most urgent assemblies


We have a solution that lets you put solder paste on the SMD of your circuits and speed up your electronic assembly process.

You’ll get an SMD stencil with your circuits, upon request, that with our Xpress SMD base will allow you to assemble your boards quickly.

The Xpress SMD base can be reused, so you only have to order it once.

COVID 19: Printed circuits for sanitary equipment and Protective screens

COVID 19: Printed circuits for sanitary equipment and Protective screens
At 2CI we are helping to combat COVID 19 by manufacturing printed circuits in the shortest possible time. These circuits are part of different health teams created especially to help people and to end the virus. Respirators, defibrillators, disinfection equipment and other solutions.

Any need that your company may have, contact us, we have all the productive means at your disposal, with all the available deadlines and without material supply problems.

We not only manufacture printed circuits, but also fiber screens, individual handles to open doors and any design you may need.

At 2CI we find solutions. Count on us!

Urgent printed circuits

We manufacture 1, 2-sided and multilayer printed circuits, in materials such as FR4, aluminum or IMS, high frequency, high CTI FR4, high Tg FR4 and others.

Choose when you want to receive your PCB, we are specialists in urgent PCB prototypes from 6 hours and series up to 11 days.


No expiring date – 24K Printed Circuit Boards

100% of the PCB’s manufactured at 2CI are electrolytic 24 karat nickel-gold (Flash Gold). Our gold finish keeps PCB unaltered at your warehouse with no expiring date. At the time to solder, your boards will be in perfect condition. Try them! Gold is the most resistant finish because it will not tarnish or rust, being […]

Prototypes without fees

Don’t pay more prototype FEES, 2CI has eliminated them. Take advantage! We have created an automatic system for direct delivery of prototype documents for production, eliminating preparation fees. All thanks to our investment in technology, which has allowed us to incorporate new systems. At 2CI, we always make sure our offering adapts to the needs […]

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